Private Dog Walks

  • Private Dog Walks are excellent for dogs that prefer one to one companionship, puppies and elderly dogs.
  • The pace and length of the walks in your neighborhood are tailored to your pet’s specific needs and routine.
  • We make sure your dog receives lots of love, attention and exercise during each visit.

     30 minutes $20.00

           1 hour $30.00

Additional Dogs $10.00 each

Group Beach & Park Outings

  • Group outings provide a great way for high energy dogs and social dogs to enjoy companionship and exercise.
  • We pick up your dog and their pals and transport them to the beach or a local park for an hour of fun, off-leash play time.
  • All participants are pre-screened for compatibility with the group and must have current vaccinations.  
  • 1 hour  $35.00

Additional Dogs $10 each